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Classes & Workshops

We have weekly classes as well as run workshops and community gatherings. We have a studio located in Old Trafford, Manchester as well as stream classes online. Occasionally we facilitate workshops and gatherings in other cities around the UK and abroad.

How We Work & What to Expect

Practicing yoga is a sustainable and consistent way to work through and shift the inner workings our mind, our patterns, conditioning and trauma as well as the energy and physical bodies. We have the opportunity to refine and condition the mind and body, whilst stabalising into the heart. 

We create packages rather than deliver individual sessions, because we believe that making a commitment both from the client and therapist perspective is better for the overall journey and wellness outcomes.

We will always undertake a consultation and decide with the client where we shall start as well as what’s needed to create safety and trust. We always empower our clients to self-lead.

You can expect to be held, feel safe and in control of this process and for the session to move at the pace you feel comfortable.

The session mostly takes place on a yoga mat and cushion with seated postures. If the session is happening online, you will have to create a safe space where you will be undisturbed.

Our Upcoming Workshops



You guys have been a huge part of both of our journeys. Tasha’s yoga classes are super cosmic and really help to shift things in my system and bring me back on track. Roop’s energy sessions were really great. He really tuned into my system to give me fresh perspectives on things.


I learnt about new aspects of myself whilst on the Awaken your Kundalini course with Natasha Anand. It feels like you’re actively trying to make a difference by giving each of us a comprehensive energy tool kit. I’m still feeling turbulent but that’s partly other things that are going on and not being consistent enough on my own healing practice and meditation. I was really inspired to hear other people’s energy experiences and healing journeys. I highly recommend Natasha Anand’s teachings (which offer and inspire exceptional insight) and look forward to working with her again soon.


Roop and Natasha are two of the most kind, warm-hearted, wise and genuine people I have ever met. Their classes oare of the highest quality. They approach every class/session with an open heart, from a place of love, with your best interests at heart. You can go to them with any problem. Between them they have such a huge range of knowledge and experience, I am confident in saying I know they will be able to help anyone. I couldn;t think of a safer place to be to learn, grow and heal.


Authentic & real gifted teachers can be few and far to come by & find in the hustle & bustle of a city like Manchester. I am eternally grateful I was guided to Natasha Anand, as I come across the yoga course on FB. This course delivered by Natasha reconnected me to my source on a deepening level, with in-depth philosophy & teachings in a real sacred safe space. I have extended my learnings with Natasha as her energy & wisdom has brought me back to a place I strayed away from for some time. I recommend Natasha & her courses to the utmost, you will be grateful, as am I.


Natasha’s Cosmic Breathwork workshops are deep soul healing. Her humility, mysticism, wisdom and expertise have taken my journey much deeper than anyone so far. I am intrigued and excited to work with her this year. She has a special gift to be able to bring ancient sacred practices to life in a modern world , where they are needed more than ever. I cannot recommend her programmes and workshops enough. They are awe inspiring, cleansing, fascinating and mind blowing. She is a true priestess.


Natasha is an extremely approachable teacher, powerful healer and modern day medicine woman. I had the opportunity to attend a recent breath-work ceremony, I am so grateful, I felt totally held and supported throughout this deep journey. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to heal to seek out Natasha’s wisdom to help guide them on their journey.


Whats on

Classes Time Links
The Antidote Live Stream 11.08 - The Antidote Live Stream Click here
Activate Innate Self-Healing Class Tuesdays 6 - 7.30pm GMT Click here
Evolve Yoga Class Wednesdays 6 - 7.30pm GMT Click here
Soul Path Yoga Class Thursdays 6 - 7.30pm GMT Click here